When I am traveling, I love listening to podcasts. I’ll share five that get snared in my podcast catcher frequently.

PetaPixel Photography Podcast

I discovered the PetaPixel Photography Podcast first. I immediately took to host “Sharky” James’ oddball sense of humor. This podcast is a combination of news, short life experiences and jokes all stir-fried together into a fun podcast. The show has a somewhat tongue-in-cheek “You darn kids get off my lawn” vibe, which is a lot of fun.

Behind the Shot

Behind the Shot is one of those podcasts that, as host, Steve Brazill says, “get inside the mind of great photographers by taking a closer look behind one of their shots.”

No matter what sort of photograph it is, the episodes are enthralling. Part of it is because Steve chooses compelling images. And part of it is that Steve is engaging and asks great questions. The shows crackle with vibrancy and enthusiasm. Full disclosure: I have been featured on this podcast before.

This photo was featured on Behind the Shot Podcast.

F-Stop Collaborate and Listen Podcast

The very likable Matt Payne hosts F-Stop Collaborate and Listen Podcast. It’s a comfortable show where it feels like he is having a casual conversation with various photographers. It just so happens that these photographers are some of the leading landscape photographers and industry pundits.

The conversation touches upon workflow, business, photographing, finding the motivation to shoot, social media and even how Matt doesn’t like his speaking voice. However, that doesn’t stop him from turning in a darned good podcast.


Photo Geek Weekly

Don Komarechka is a macro photographer extraordinaire. But he is also quite knowledgeable about technology. Photo Geek Weekly delivers on its title. This show dives into the minutiae, taking a close, often tech-oriented look at photography-related items. Don and his co-host discuss legal matters, social media and more. Don can take a long time introducing the topic, and it will seem like Don is dominating the conversation. However, what he is doing is setting the table for the discussion at hand.

B&H Photography Podcast

Not surprisingly, B&H Photo produces the B&H Photography Podcast. I’ll bet you could have figured that out, right?

If you are expecting a slickly produced show, that’s exactly what you’ll get. And of course, it touches upon many different kinds of photography. But it does more than that. They have interviews with noted photographers.

And they touch upon many different topics. They also talk about photowalks, such as the OPTIC Conference Photo Walk, and dive into other aspects of photography, such as NFTs, legal aspects and socially conscious aspects as well. And, yes, of course, they cover photo gear as well. It has a friendly, conversational feel and features some fantastic, insightful guests.

But wait, there’s more!

At this juncture, I should mention that I am one of three photographers who do the Nightaxians video podcast on YouTube. We have a new Nightaxians Video Podcast on YouTube. While we do all use Pentax gear and are night photographers, the video podcast extends to other gear, composition, adventures, and much more.

And naturally, I must mention that Photofocus has several podcasts of its own: The Q+A Show, Roundtable and Mind Your Own Business podcasts. You may listen to all of them here.

That’s now much more than five, but I’ve given myself license to bust loose from the title I’ve created!

What podcasts do you like? Share yours in the comments below!