This week we’re getting to know community member, Todd Higgins. Todd is a landscape photographer based in Duluth, Minnesota, where he lives with his wife, two dogs and a cat. He spends a good part of each year traveling the country, the parks and wilderness areas. He loves to explore new places and discover new beauty where ever he can.

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How did you get started in photography?

“I started photography in high school. I took an intro to photography class and loved everything about it, especially developing and creating prints (it was all film then). Then when I grew up and got a job. There was a lot of travel involved in my work, so photography was a great excuse to get out and explore. I love to get out into the woods and nature, and photography is the best way for me to immerse myself in my surroundings.”

What was your first camera?

“A Minolta SRT101. I lost it in a move, so I bought a replacement in a camera shop in Charleston, SC. I will still shoot with it once in a while, just to feel the weight of it.”

Who is one photographer that inspires you and why?

“Only one?! I would have to say Marc Adamus. His photographs have so much power. I look at one of his works and just feel that there is so much imagination behind it. The image stays with me, and I end up creating my own story around it. I love that!”

What’s the first thing you look for in composing your image?

“This is hard. I really just go for a hike and when I see something that catches my eye I stop. Try to find an image, try to determine what it was that drew me in. Often it is the contrast that draws me in. Light against dark, smooth against rough, soft against hard. Also, water, I am a sucker for water over rocks.” 

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