Thinking of doing some studio portraits? You’ll definitely need some light modifier know-how so you can light your subjects properly for flattering portraits. Since there are several kinds available, choosing which one to use can be overwhelming for beginners. This is where the quick comparison above by Hypop will come in handy.

In the video, they take us to the studio to compare eight types of light modifiers — mostly softboxes — and how they shape the light that falls on your subject. Knowing which modifier works best for the look you’re going for is especially crucial for studio work. So, to make sure that their comparison of each type is as accurate as possible, they placed the modifiers in the same position and photographed the model in the same position as well.

They also explain what each light modifier is best for and which ones also work great for continuous light. Make sure to watch until the end for a quick rundown of all the results comparison!