So, you already know how to create a pure black background using the right tools and camera settings. Your next questions would most likely be, how do you make the most out of it? Will it give you great results whatever the genre you choose? Knowing how to work with a truly black background is paramount to studio photography, so pay close attention to today’s tips!

In the video above, UK-based professional photographer and educator Karl Taylor gives a rundown of everything we need to know about black background photography. For those who are yet to achieve a perfectly black background, his tips also include the best materials to use, where to place the lighting and where to position your subject.

Next, he explained the role of Inverse Square Law when shooting with black backgrounds, whether for portraits or product photography. Understanding this concept is key to working in the studio, whether you’re shooting black backgrounds or otherwise. Of course, there will also be times when you’d want to try shooting black on black. So, Taylor also threw in some tips on making subjects pop with a bit of strategically placed lighting and even splashes of color.

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