While you might reach out for a wide angle lens more often than a telephoto lens when doing landscape photography, there are situations when the latter will certainly come in handy. Not all locations for landscape snaps will benefit from a wide sweeping shot. Some will actually require the extra reach that a telephoto lens can provide.

In his video above, Romania-based landscape and travel photographer Toma Bonciu talks about such situations where he’d normally go for a 70-200mm telephoto lens. For him, this lens is best for isolating different elements to make them interesting, even if they’re some significant distance away. This technique comes handy not only for zooming in on natural elements, but also for photographing landmarks of towns from a vantage point. Bonciu demonstrates these tips really well in his sample shots so we can get some ideas on how to apply these for our own outdoor shoots. Pair these techniques with an interest or attention to detail and you’ll increase your chances of adding variety to your landscape snaps.

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