Whether you’re new to the photography business or a little further along, there will come a time when you have to raise your photography rates. However, it may feel a little tricky to do, especially when you’re not sure about how to set your price right or whether you should even negotiate with clients. One thing is for sure: you deserve to be paid the worth of your skills and experience. 

In the video above, Nathan Cool gave some tips increasing your photography rate to match your demand and skill level. While he focused on real estate photography since it’s his specialty, his insights do apply to other genres as well. 

Among the most important points mentioned is why photographers shouldn’t negotiate their rates. Clients who try to negotiate with promises of future gigs or exposure usually don’t end up being your regular clients. So, you should instead seek higher quality clients who you can expect to get regular jobs at your price. 

Another is justifying your price increase to existing clients and informing them in advance before the new rates take effect. This way, you will be letting them know that you value their business. Also, they will appreciate that you’re giving them time to adjust their budget for the next projects with you.

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