There are many composition rules that photographers are encouraged to follow. But, one of the easiest things you can do today to instantly improve your shots is filling the frame. In fact, you can learn how it’s done in just three minutes!

In the video above, ExpertPhotography demonstrates how to fill the frame and explains why it’s such a powerful composition tip. Some may believe that to achieve a well-composed photo, they simply need to keep the subject at the center of the frame. However, as the video shows us, it’s more about making the subject the dominant part of your shot. Isolating the subject with a close-up shot and a shallow depth of field is an effective way to do it, as we can see in the example.

There’s another important part of filling the frame that you should also keep in mind. The goal is to remove all the distracting elements that do not add to the subject. The technique above is just one approach, as you’ll later find out in your photography journey!

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