If you’ve been interested in adapting vintage lenses to your digital camera, you must also be already looking around for a vintage lens adapter to use. There’s one for every budget, but we’re sure you’re wondering, are the cheap options safe to use on your camera?

Paris-based photographer and filmmaker Mathieu Stern, who is passionate about weird lenses, film photography gear and experimental photography, answers some of the most common concerns about these adapters in the video above. These include questions about image quality, the difference between a cheap and a pro vintage lens adapter and what you should be cautious of.

For this video, he made a comparison of adapters for M42, which is one of the most popular mounts for adapting vintage lenses. In any case, the details he discussed will apply to any mount you need. So, we hope this quick video gave you some important information that will help you get the best vintage lens adapter for your camera.