In the recent years, we’ve been seeing more photography gear designed as a nod to their vintage predecessors. The Nikon Z fc is the latest to join the roster of retro-styled mirrorless cameras. But what about the lens side of things? Ted Forbes of The Art of Photography introduces us to Lomography’s modern iterations of the Petzval lens, the first dedicated portrait lens developed in 1840.

These modern versions, dubbed as the New Petzval Lens, bring the swirly bokeh effect to today’s modern cameras. In his video above, Forbes first explained the origins of the Petzval lens and what produced its distinct “optical character.” Then, he talked about the modern interpretation that Lomography applied to the historical portrait lens. The first version of the New Petzval Lens came out in 2013. But, in case you’re only hearing about them now, Forbes also noted the features that make these new lenses great for experimenting with today’s digital cameras.

So, if you’re in the mood for some experimental swirly effects on your photos, these are among the retro-inspired options you can pair with your camera. Forbes enjoyed using them and loved the unique character they brought to his photos, and maybe you will too!

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