If you’re a collector or big fan of vintage gear, there’s a good chance you’ve already heard the rumors about the Canon FD 35mm f/2. The legend goes that the concave version is the sharpest 35mm f/2 FD lens Canon ever made. But, how true is this?

As a connoisseur of weird lenses, it’s not surprising that this rumor eventually reached Paris-based photographer Mathieu Stern. However, he couldn’t find a real comparison out there to prove if there’s any truth to this. So, of course, he did his own tests and published his findings in the quick video above. If you’ve also been looking up the concave Canon FD 35mm f/2, the video will definitely satisfy your curiosity. In case you’re new to film photography and vintage gear, his findings will also be useful and interesting to you.

First, he explained differences between the concave and convex versions of the iconic Canon FD lens. He also included a relevant clip from Media Division’s video about the legendary Canon FD lenses. Then, he shared some test images and footage from both versions to see if the concave one is indeed the superior 35mm f/2 lens. This test will also be especially interesting for those who like adapting vintage lenses to their current digital cameras.

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