Vintage lens adapters are certainly one of the most popular accessories among photographers today. It’s especially useful to those who shoot both film and digital and would like to make the most out of their vintage lenses. But if you want to use filters, you’d have to keep swapping them as well each time you switch lenses. An interesting vintage lens adapter changes that!

In the quick video above, Paris-based Mathieu Stern talks about the amazing Vizelex Polar Throttle Lens Mount Adapter. It mounts Canon FD and FL film SLR lenses to Sony E-mount mirrorless cameras and has a built-in circular polarizing filter. With it, you always have the advantage of a polarizing effect whatever lens you use.

Polarizing filters are typically used to remove the reflections on water and glare on glass. But they’re also useful for darkening the sky and minimizing strong reflections on foliage, making it handy for landscape photography. If you’re learning about polarizing filters just now, Stern’s video also includes some really cool footage showing this vintage lens adapter at work!

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