Polaroids remain intriguing and popular in the digital age, but they aren’t exactly affordable to get shutter-happy with. Fortunately, there are less pricey options for those who want to experiment with instant photos.

Instax films, for example, come in different sizes, and there are a variety of camera backs available. So, you may not need to buy a dedicated Instax camera if you already have a camera that is compatible with any of these backs.

George Muncey of Negative Feedback shows us perfect example with an Instax Square camera back for his Mamiya RZ67. In the video above, he shares some behind the scenes and sample instant photos snapped with the Zinstax camera back by Haan Chen. He also mentions why he thinks this setup is best for portrait photography. If you’re wondering about Polaroid alternatives that are accessible and more affordable — and you already have a Mamiya RZ67 as well — this Instax Square route could be an interesting option for you.