When it comes to premium vintage gear, a bunch of point and shoot film cameras come to mind. Among them are Contax T2, Yashica T4 and Nikon 35T. Back in the days, these cameras boasted of the most advanced features in a pocketable form. Fast-forward to the last decade or so, many of these premium compacts still enjoy a cult following, especially among street photographers. Some of them even got a new lease on life in the hands of celebrities. Their prices have since skyrocketed as a result. Gone are the days when you can easily snag these without burning a hole through your pocket! So, the big question remains: are they still worth their hefty price tag today?

Thinking of grabbing any of these three popular point and shoot film cameras? The video above may help you come to a decision. Hamburg-based freelance photographer and filmmaker Samuel Lintaro Hopf gathered two of his friends to share their experiences and insights on the three film photographer favorites. Apart from talking about what they like about these cameras, the trio also mentioned some problems that they encountered. These may possibly be a deal breaker for you, especially since these cameras are now scarce and discontinued. Worse, they’re difficult (and pricey), if not impossible to repair.

Done watching? It’s now up to you to decide if you’re willing to part with some significant cash for any of these models! Otherwise, there are plenty of other options that may not have a cult status, but will still make a great choice. It’s especially true if you just need something easy and pocketable for days when you want to switch your photography up!

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