We often hear the saying that we must learn the rules of photography first before we break them. However, as Daniel Inskeep of Mango Street tell us in the video above, we often aren’t told in detail how to break these rules. If this is something you’ve also noticed and would like to hear some perspectives about it, we’re sure you’ll enjoy his inputs.

First, Daniel tells us that when beginners break the rules, it’s simply because they don’t know the rules yet. The mistakes are glaring and the resulting photos aren’t pleasant to look at. But when seasoned photographers do it, it’s more intentional and purposeful. Their photos easily show the difference, evoking emotions and telling us a story.

Next, he proceeds to showing three easy ways to break photography rules like the seasoned photographers do. You can experiment with either the framing, focus or the background. You can also see these tips at work in some well-known scenes in movies and works of contemporary photographers that he cited.

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