Creativity goes hand in hand with copyright. It’s the foundation for everything that we do. You need to understand copyright, and nothing is more critical to your success longterm than understanding what this means when it comes to copyright. It’s about control, and you can decide to give up that control through options like creative commons, but you need to make that choice. 


I suggest you investigate the Copyright Alliance. It’s a tremendous nonprofit trade association that really has some tremendous resources on copyright. You can also take a look at from the US government to understand the process better.

Know your rights & respect others rights

Know your rights, and really understand things as well as respect other’s rights. I see so many people who work in creative fields who steal music and think it’s okay to use the music they don’t have a license to in their slideshows or video projects. 

Musicians are just as creative and essential as brethren, like photography and video. Don’t steal from other creative people. The cost and risks are enormous. Same thing with images and other content. Make sure you have the right to use what it is you are using. 

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