Whether you’re doing food photography or shooting commercial products, the floating effect is one of the most popular techniques you can try. It adds a bit of fun and playfulness to the project, especially if you’re looking to add some eye-catching lifestyle shots as well.

If you haven’t tried doing floating product photos yet, the video above by New York City-based photographer and director Tom Medvedich serves as a good introduction. He shows what the rig setup for his props looks like, as well as the tools and space required. He also gives a peek into his process for shooting, styling and preparing the files for editing using Capture One and Adobe Photoshop. It may or may not align what you may have in mind on how floating product photos are done. Nevertheless, these tips should give you more ideas if you want to give this style a go.

The editing part of the tutorial is a bit more in-depth and lengthy, but if you’re still curious about the process, you can head to this video next.