Feeling experimental with your food photography? Fortunately, there are many cool techniques for you to try. One of them is flying food photos, which you can easily achieve by propping up food on wires and cleaning up the photos later in post. But, did you know that you can also get some cool shots in-camera? It requires a more complex setup, but the results will be worth it.

In the video above, we have food photographer Skyler Burt of We Eat Together sharing his shooting tips and studio setup. For flying food photos in camera, you’ll have to do a lot of tossing and throwing yourself. So, you definitely have to get the timing of your shots right. For this, a laser or sound trigger paired with a laser pointer will be of great help. With this combination, the camera and the flash will fire off once the laser is tripped by any movement or action.

Next, you’ll have to set your lighting to a really short flash duration. This will freeze the action once the camera and lighting fire off. In case you’re new to this, Burt also explains how to set these up on your strobe light.

Once you have your scene set up and already know what actions or movements you’d like to capture, it’s time to start shooting! For that, Burt also gave some quick tips for the best aperture and the best composition to highlight all that movement. Take as many shots as you need; it’s always good to have variations. Then, head over to post processing to tweak them into the final flying food photos you had in mind!

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