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Food Photography

How to take fun product photos with floating effect
13 tips for better still life styling
Adobe features holiday food photo tips from Sarah Crawford, with free presets
Capturing the holiday spirit through festive food photos
Capturing Christmas cooking cheer
Capturing the perfect drop
Reimagining food photography with clever visual comparisons
Food photography and portraits mashup in “Donut Doubles”
How playful colors make a difference in food photography
Mobile Mondays: Tips for mouthwatering food photography
Six photography projects to do from home
You don’t need a fancy studio and all the gear to capture great food photos

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Capturing Christmas cooking cheer

With Christmas just around the corner, there is usually lots of cooking and baking going on. Capture some of your own Christmas cheer with some behind-the-scenes photos. These can make for gorgeous keepsake memories if the kids or grandkids get

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Capturing the perfect drop

Whether it’s cocktails or mocktails, it’s those little details that can make all the difference in your photos. Capturing the perfect drop is easy with a few tips and tricks. Ice cubes and condensation, garnishes and staging … these are

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Six photography projects to do from home

Going a bit stir crazy in self-isolation? Looking for some fun activities to burn through the hours? How about trying your hand at some of these, especially if they are out of your comfort zone. If you normally photograph landscapes

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Capture some Christmas cookie cheer

It’s that time of year again when everything starts getting a little crazy. If you like to bake — especially at this time of year — don’t forget to catch a little of the Christmas cheer. Whether you are making

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When is a cupcake not a cupcake?

When is a cupcake not a cupcake? When it is a gorgeous soap. Yes, a soap! These incredible creations are from Planetyum. They have a huge selection and I ordered three. Why soap? I teach a lot of workshops, and

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Susan Liepa, passionate hobby photographer

This week we’re getting to know community member, Susan Liepa. Susan is from Orange County, California and enjoys many aspects of photography as you can see in her images. Haven’t joined the Photofocus Community yet? Sign up for free today!

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Creating a dramatic black and white landscape

There are several ways you can use post-processing techniques to create dramatic black and white landscapes. Here’s what I did. Here is the original image, which isn’t a bad image to use to create a dramatic black and white landscape.

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mirrorless weight

Should you switch from a DSLR to mirrorless?

If you have been considering the switch from DSLR to mirrorless then listen up. Heck, watch this video. You see, it’s a myth that switching to mirrorless with save you enough weight to make a huge difference. Unless, of course, you

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Stop squeezing yourself into a box

As photographers, we often want to squeeze ourselves into a box. We want to know how to define ourselves so our clients understand what we do better. While this might be a good idea in some instances, for the most

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