Want to make your food photography more moody or interesting? Getting extra creative with the lighting will do the trick for you. One of the most simple yet effective ways to do this is to use a GOBO — a “go between object” light modifier. If this is the first time you’re learning about this tool and technique, we have just the food photography tips for you.

In the video above, Brandon of figandlight makes a quick introduction on the art of GOBO. He used a DIY GOBO with some cut out portions to shape the light coming from the soft box. It essentially mimics the dappled natural light we see when we’re under the shade of trees. This technique is also perfect for As we can see in his demo shoot, the effect is simple but beautiful and unique.

You’re definitely free to experiment with different shapes and placing for your GOBO. But, make sure you first take note of Brandon’s tips for best results.

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