I’ve always wanted a Lume Cube (or a few, maybe). I have photography friends who have them, have the accessory kits and use them in their work almost daily and they just looked so fun and easy to use. But, I’m not one of those photographers who goes out and buys all the things. I use what I have and unless I really, really need something, I do without.

Lume Cube

Guess who bought a Lume Cube?

Well, sometimes a deal comes along that is hard to resist. Lume Cube had a spring cleaning sale, so I ended up purchasing the Lume Cube Air VC.

The package includes the Lume Cube Air light, but comes with a suction cup mount to use as a video light with my computer. I am an online mentor and the light in my office is not always the best so I wanted something to help me look a little more professional in what I was doing. Besides, I always wanted one to play with for my photography.

The Lume Cube Air VC comes with two diffusion bulbs for a softer and warmer light. These are basically rubber covers that help diffuse the light. One is white and the other is an orangish color. Also included is a micro USB charging cable and the above-mentioned suction cup mount. The mount also has a swivel head to attach the Lume Cube so you can rotate the direction of the light. There is also a LumeX app for both Android and iOS so you can control the brightness function, check battery levels and also share content immediately. I have not tested the app out yet.

Lume Cube

What I’ve been using the Lume Cube Air for

I have used it for my online mentoring sessions and it’s great at creating a better, softer light so I’m not all ‘hot’ white. I’ve also used it for a webinar I presented. My husband has borrowed it and used it to record self-help videos for his clients (he’s a medical massage therapist). Lately what I’ve used it for the most, as we clear out our basement and storage areas, is lighting for objects that I’m taking photos of with my phone in order to sell online.

There are plans though in my head for some photoshoots, specifically macro and the Lume Cube Air is perfect for that. It’s so portable, compact and easy to just move around and place where you want it. I also love the four adjustable light levels it has. Instead of moving the light, I can just adjust the brightness level.

Lume Cube

So this is just a quick little look into the Lume Cube Air packaged as an accessory light for video conferencing and live content use. Don’t tell anyone I really just bought it for the light because it was a great deal!

While I love the light, the suction cup could perform a little better, as it hasn’t adhered very well to my MacBook Pro or my husband’s iMac. Once I have used it more for the photography side of things I will write a follow up to this so you can see what I use the Lume Cube Air for when shooting.

You can pick up the Lume Cube Air VC on sale for just $49.95!