Curious about adapting a vintage lens to your digital camera? Thanks to cheap lens adapters, it has become an increasingly popular way for today’s photographers to get extra creative and experimental. Whether it’s creamy bokeh or gorgeous retro looks, there’s a vintage lens that will do it for you. 

In the video above, professional editor and videographer Mark Holtze shares five things to keep in mind when it comes to vintage lens photography. These include tips on how to start if you’re totally new to it, since there are so many lenses to choose from. If you’ve been doing it for a while now, these tips should also help you get better results. 

Of course, the most important of these is doing your research before spending your hard-earned cash on these lenses. A lot of them are cheap, but some are rare ones that can put a dent on your wallet. Also, you’d want to put your money on a lens that will best give you the results you’re after.

Also, if you’re coming from a completely digital photography experience, there’s a bit of learning curve with these old lenses. These lenses weren’t meant to be used with digital cameras, as Holtze said. Practice makes perfect definitely applies here. So, don’t give up so easily if vintage lens photography feels unnatural or difficult at first. Embrace the limitations, keep practicing until you get comfortable and make art with it!

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