We’re back bringing you another episode of the Tamron Recipes podcast, brought to you by Tamron USA and SkipCohenUniversity.com.

In this episode, Skip Cohen and I get a kick showcasing photographic artists as our featured “chefs” and discussing their amazing images. Just like your favorite cooking show on tv (and who doesn’t like a good cooking show?), we talk about the elements that went into creating their favorite images, including the lenses, people, and backstory. By featuring the greatest imaging cuisines and recipes in the industry, we’re helping photographers get inspired and foster their own creativity!

In this episode of Tamron Recipes, Ian Jones is this month’s featured Tamron Chef. Accompanied by the Tamron 17-28 mm F/2.8 lens, his love for the craft has led him to create work that is not only the highest of quality, but also downright visually interesting. In addition to his passion for photography, his work demonstrates his desire to listen to his clients and exceed their expectations. Being a fan of learning on his own, he is a prime example that the process of experimenting, practicing, and then experimenting even more pays off in the long run! Listen in as Ian describes the “how” and the “why” behind his work.

You can also see more of Ian’s work on his website to check out his diverse portfolio.

Listen Here: Tamron Recipes with Ian Jones