The Moment It Clicks is not a new book, but I just read it again for the third time and realized that some of you may not have read it yet. And we need to fix that. This book is ideal for photographers of all skill levels. It teaches the beginner, inspires the amateur and reminisces with the seasoned pro.

Every turn of the page is filled with a large photograph from McNally’s career and is accompanied by a story and tips for making that kind of picture happen. You won’t find too many camera settings, but you will find principles that will help you make photographs worth viewing. Joe’s stories will inspire you to go out and make pictures and find adventures doing it.

Joe McNally is a life-long photographer who made a career as a freelance shooter making pictures for clients from magazines to television studios to advertising. He has photographed just about every genre and kind of subject, and you’ll be thrilled to see what picture is on the next page. This book is a quick read, with each two-page spread covering a topic completely so that you travel through the book quickly. If you’re like me, you’ll soon be regaling your friends and family with things “Joe” photographed. Like his other books, it’s extremely shareable and even those who don’t make pictures will enjoy reading his antics and tips for making better pictures.

Joe McNally’s books gave me a foundation for my photography, and I highly recommend you devour them, too. The Moment It Clicks will get you hooked on his style and you’ll learn volumes without the tedium of step by step instruction. Here’s a link to the book, but it can be found anywhere photography books are sold. You’ll also appreciate his latest video instruction, On Assignment with Joe McNally Volume 1.