Have you been shooting 35mm film for a while and are considering moving to medium format next? You may have encountered 645 (6-by-4.5 cm) as one of the formats available for 120 film. But, is it the right film format for you? Is it worth the jump?

Since you’re essentially going for larger negative sizes with medium format film, it comes with more advantages compared to shooting with 35mm film. In the video above, Canada-based Kyle McDougall brings some insights on the advantages that come with upgrading to the 645 in particular. These include larger image size, aspect ratio, more frames per roll and better scanning capability (important when you’re scanning your negatives at home).

There are also a lot of great camera options for this format, many of which are compact and lightweight. Among them, like the original Pentax 645, is a good choice in terms of its similarities with 35mm SLR cameras and the budget-friendly price.

Hopefully, this video answered your questions on the 645 format for 120 films. If you’ve ever shot with this format, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!