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Film format comparison: 645 medium format vs. 35mm
Does sensor size really matter?
Fuji updates GFX system with new 30mm prime and firmware update
Medium format vs. full frame
Fujifilm Meets Pixelstick
Mirrorless Camera Maniac: Does Form Follow Function?
First Impressions: Hasselblad’s Mirrorless X1D
Shooting the PhaseOne iQ250 | Peter Hurley – What’s in Your Bag
Pentax 645z Medium Format | Joel Grimes – What’s in Your Bag
Choosing Hasselblad | Tim Wallace – What’s in Your Bag
More Megapixels? Introducting the Canon 5DS and 5DS R
Is Bigger Better? Exploring Medium Format Photography

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Levi_Sim Hasselblad X1D cover-1

First Impressions: Hasselblad’s Mirrorless X1D

Hasselblad has made some of the finest cameras since the 1950’s, and their newest camera looks like it fits with their reputation for quality and simplicity. The recently announced X1D stands out from all other medium format cameras because it

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More Megapixels? Introducting the Canon 5DS and 5DS R

Canon just made headlines again this week with the release of the worlds highest resolution 35mm DSLR, the Canon EOS 5DS and the 5DS R. Designed for commercial, studio, portrait, landscape, and architectural photography, this camera is also being positioned

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These photos are controversial? Give me a break …

By now you have probably read about the that’s-not-the-cover-photo-we-agreed-on uproar on Photofocus, social media, on TV and on newspaper websites. Read The New York Times critic’s notebook. This is such a non-story that I am having a difficult time believing

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Dreaming of California in retro pastel hues

Nostalgia is a major creative driver and source of inspiration for many photographers, especially today. As travel restrictions due to the pandemic continue, many of us are compelled to look back at some of our most memorable and scenic travels.

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Long exposure tricks: Use a low camera angle

While there has yet to be a true “dump” of snow in West Michigan, I went back and looked at some older photos recently, pulling up this photograph from Fallasburg Bridge in Lowell, MI. Utilizing a NiSi 10-stop neutral density

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11 tips to take better portraits, part one

Portrait photography is getting more and more popular professionally, with photographers using high-tech gear such as DSLR and mirrorless cameras to achieve stunning results. But even the ordinary person can use their smartphone or an entry-level camera to create portraits

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