Creative block is something that we all encounter and struggle with, whether we’re make art professionally or as a hobby. When it hits, it often does really hard, and we feel that we cannot create anything worthwhile at all. I’m sure many photographers out there have felt — or will feel — stuck and uninspired at some point in their photography journey, and it can sometimes feel so difficult to get out of it.

So, I’m really glad that UK-based Sean Tucker did an honest and brave video about it some years ago, and I’m encouraging everyone grappling with creative block to watch (or revisit) it. Creative block often manifests in us as not “feeling it” — not being in the mood to go and out shoot, not feeling very creative or even feeling that we’re creating is not good. What he found effective in dealing with this problem is the idea of resistance, coined by Steven Pressfield in his book titled “The War of Art.” In a nutshell, it’s anything and everything that keeps us from creating.

I find that Tucker’s video is a timeless take that is worth bookmarking for when the need strikes, especially now that the challenging circumstances we find ourselves in make us even more vulnerable to not feel like creating. I hope that after watching, you’ll feel the same way and be able to break away from your creative block episodes!