Here’s one that I always tell folks. Go to museums, learn from the past and experience the future. What’s excellent about museums is you can really open your eyes. 

Two things in every country

There are two things I do in every country I visit. One is I go to a museum. It’s a chance to really experience what that country’s interested in and what sort of art they value. There are such huge differences around the world and the other, believe it or not, is that I go to a McDonald’s.

Now, this may seem strange, but McDonald’s is one of the most successful restaurants worldwide. If you go to McDonald’s in a foreign country, you’ll be amazed at how the menus change and how it’s localized, but certain aspects carry through. It’s an interesting cultural study, and we’ll also show you a lot about different countries.

Explore creativity in all forms

What I like about museums, though, is they invite you to explore creativity in all forms. Even if you’re not into art or painting, go and learn. You can see a lot about composition and color going to it. An Aeronautics museum one about Air & Space will teach you to think about design and color and form. There’s so much that you can learn from these different museums about human culture. I went to the great Marine Corps Museum and learned so much. Even though I’m not that interested in military culture, I found it fascinating to learn about the wars, the conflict and humanity. 

Look for inspiration

While you’re there, look for inspiration. Don’t be shy about taking photos unless it’s stated explicitly that you can’t just bring your smartphone in. Capture color palettes, take down reference images, pick up an art book, a brochure … anything that you can leave with so you can revisit this and study it in the future. 

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