This is a guest post by wedding cinematographer Ray Roman, but it applies to all photographers. Ray’s currently on tour helping photographers expand their job opportunities by adding video.


Lets suppose 80% of weddings are low- to mid-budget weddings. For the vast majority of weddings, that means brides are booking average caterers, florists, and videographers for their special day. How do you set yourself apart and break into the top 20% of high-profile events?

Build Your Network

It turns out that venues, wedding planners, and personal referrals are your biggest assets in the high-end marketing game. When you start marketing yourself to those high-profile clients & events, think about your network. Specifically, think about your friends and your acquaintances. How many caterers, DJs, florists, and photographers in the wedding industry do you know? How many of them are referring you to their brides, and vice-versa?

If you want to break into the top 20% of weddings, start by taking a critical look at your network. You may have friends in the industry, but if theyre referring you to low and mid-budget weddings, it may be time to reconsider your attachments. Remember, youre in business here!


Moving Up In The Market

What does it mean to crack into the high-profile market? It means you start making a lot more money. Don’t get stuck in the trap of losing dollars (or business) because of how you represent yourself.

Before you meet your next client, take a look at how youre representing yourself. Does your appearance, your office, and your website say to a bride Invest your money with me? When you work in a high-end venue, are you representing the highest caliber of your work? By employing the right tips and tricks to become a preferred vendor at a high-end wedding venue, you can multiply your business. Remember, you may only get one shot at securing your relationship with these venues.

Once youve begun working with a bride-to-be, remember: Even a client with a big budget will try to lowball you. Fortunately, I have a method for ensuring that you set yourself apart from the competition without dropping your price. It starts with giving your brides peace of mind. In my own business, I can tell you that once I started giving brides the promise of a top-notch product thats delivered professionally, it changed my business. Because of this system, even brides who initially don’t want to pay my price are dropping a check in the mail once they sleep on it.


When you market yourself to high-profile clients, its not just a marketing lesson. Its a lesson on approaching your network, your professional presence, and your client relationships in order to succeed in this market. And once youve secured those high-end clients, they act as a multiplier for your business.

To learn more about my approach, be sure to check out a Capture Cinematic Weddings Workshop in your city soon