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[Editor’s note: A word of caution: There is some strong language and topics in this episode. In an abundance of respect in our listeners, we’ve chosen to list this one episode as explicit.]

In this episode, Skip Cohen and Chamira Young chat with boudoir photographer and educator Jen Rozenbaum.


Images copyright Jen Rozenbaum

We discuss in detail:

  • How photography allowed Jen to rediscover joy and re-integrate herself into the world
  • How Jen empowers women to celebrate their femininity shamelessly
  • How we should be more of ourselves
  • Creating a space of non-judgement and connection with photography clients
  • How we can change lives and embracing our power
  • Embracing natural beauty
  • The topic of beauty within our culture, and how that definition shifts
  • Not being afraid to take risks in order to find your passion
  • Taking risks, believing in yourself, and experiencing life
  • Life lessons, and what Jen learned about herself through the challenge of breast cancer


You can find Jennifer at:

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