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Portrait Tips: Remember for yourself

It’s a good idea to look back. Ten years ago I was looking at my photography idols and wondering what it’d be like to be doing this for a decade.

Portrait Tips: The Critical Time

Photographs extend one instant for eternity. That’s a long time and when you’re making a portrait that will last forever, the instant most critical to your success is when your

Portrait Tips: Beware Of Parks

If you’re like me, you get calls all the time to make portraits at your client’s favorite park. The trouble is that your client doesn’t think about the park as

Keeping Your Clients means More Business for You

In the financial world, banks spend upwards of $300 acquiring new customers. This takes into consideration marketing, phone centers, customer service, banking center staff, pens/paper/ink, etc. Keeping in mind that

36 Hours in Pittsburgh | Tips for Packing Essential Gear

What started out as a quick 36-hour trip to Pittsburgh turned into a full-scale video production to help out a friend of mine with a shoot. Luckily for me I was traveling as a one-man band and because I’m flexible, I was able to gain a new client.

Preparing for a Long Production Day

Media professionals can all relate to the long production day. Whether you’re a landscape photographer waking up at zero dark thirty to capture the first light or a wedding photographer shooting from bridal prep straight through to the reception, we’ve all had those days. In the video world, I’ve had my share of long production days, especially when they’re back to back.

Managing “Uncle Bob” at Weddings

Uncle Bobs are unavoidable at weddings. I case you don’t know what I’m referring to, an “Uncle Bob” is a person (usually a family member) at a wedding that fancies

mangaging the pinterest bride

Managing the “Pinterest” Bride

We live in an image driven world of social media. There’s no getting around it. Today’s photographers are dealing with clients who have access to millions more “ideas of imagery”

Lightroom’s Secret Website for your Clients

Lightroom’s new web interface has made collaborating with clients very easy. Imagine, after a photo session, you import your images into Lightroom, make a collection of images to show your

How Client Meetings Change Everything

A wedding photographer colleague of mine came to me the other day bummed out. She had gotten a less than stellar review on one of the bridal industry’s most used