Imagely has announced its latest development, an automated print fulfillment service, allowing photographers to have customers purchase prints directly through their WordPress website.

The service, which works directly with White House Custom Color (WHCC), marks the first time automatic print fulfillment is available to the broader WordPress community. It will be a feature of NextGEN Gallery Pro, a premium extension for NextGEN Gallery.  Both plugins are active on nearly one million WordPress websites.

For the initial release, print deliveries will be limited to the United States and Canada, however Imagely expects to expand the service across the globe.

Using NextGEN Pro, photographers can already sell manual prints and digital downloads. Now, print orders can be fulfilled and shipped automatically. The advancement eases the pain on photographers who currently have two websites — one as a portfolio and another for selling prints.

“[Photographers] run a main website or blog on WordPress, but do print sales elsewhere,” said Erick Danzer, founder and CEO of Imagely. “Print lab integration is necessary because automatic print fulfillment has not previously been possible on WordPress, even though WordPress runs 30% of all websites.”

In addition to print lab integration, the update to NextGEN Pro includes automated sales tax calculations with TaxJar, new gallery displays, better pricelist management, improved back end user interface and more.

How it works

To get started, users can add a pricelist based on WHCC’s catalog, markup their prices, associate that pricelist with a gallery and start selling. Once a sale is completed, Imagely’s central server collects the images and forwards them to WHCC, along with the order details. Imagely then bills the photographer directly, while WHCC ships the print to the final customer.

The service is completely commission-free, and includes white-label packaging with the photographer’s information on it.

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