One of the simplest ways to market your business is through an email campaign. While social networking sites are great for meeting new people and getting new leads for your business, it’s good ol’Email that continues to be one of the most effective ways to reach and influence your customers. Just put all of your existing customers on one list and all of your prospects on another list and upload those lists to a bulk email service. There are many companies and services to choose from, just do a Google search and choose the one running the best deal at the time to get you started.

By using a bulk email sender service, you’ll be able to track who has opened your email and who hasn’t, what link they clicked in your email offer and a number of other analytics. This allows you to run one of the simplest email marketing strategies… the Special Offer! Send a special offer email to your list that convinces them that your business or service is something they can’t live without and that they must try you out NOW! Not only will this give your business a quick cash infusion, but this type of marketing helps you stay in contact with your customer and allows you to share helpful information that can lead to even more sales.