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Images copyright Michele Celentano.
Images copyright Michele Celentano.

Welcome to the Mind Your Own Business Podcast! Today we chat with family portrait photographer Michele Celentano!

We discuss:

  • How Michele got started with her career
  • The importance of education in every photographer’s career
  • The role empathy plays when interacting with client
  • The role psychology plays during a portrait session
  • The best types of workshops photographers can take to strengthen their skillset
  • Why every photographer needs a “backup skillset” to better serve unexpected requests from their clients
  • Why it’s important to always be curious and willing to explore outside of your genre
  • The areas many photographers struggle with
  • How we can improve the photography industry as a whole
  • Advice for photographers who want to break into portrait photography

Check out Michele’s client letter for printing images HERE.

It’s a great reminder that so many of the greatest memories in people’s lives deserve the best presentation, the highest quality and everything we can do to preserve them for future generations.

Check out Michele’s Family Posing program at

Get ready to take your posing techniques to the next level in this educational series!

You can find Michele at:

  • Michele’s portfolio website
  • Instagram: @michelecelentanophotographer
  • Facebook Group: Family Posing with Michele Celentano

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