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Showing up where it matters

How to be visible on the web You have your website up, your branding sorted out, your logo is cool, your colors are gorgeous and it’s all spanking new and

Shoot Anywhere With Platypod Ultra

I’ve become a fan of Platypod Ultra. It’s got all the best features of the original Pro and the larger Max, and it fits in my back pocket. It goes

Don’t Be Afraid To Personalize

Whether you do business under your own personal name or under a business name, personalizing your product and/or service is a great form of marketing. Everyone loves a good story,

Email Marketing For The Win!

One of the simplest ways to market your business is through an email campaign. While social networking sites are great for meeting new people and getting new leads for your

Start With A Written Marketing Strategy

When I get asked, “What marketing can I do to increase my photography business”, I usually respond with a question of my own asking what their marketing strategy is currently


Using hashtags is another great way to get a conversation going about your business. You simply create a hashtag to be used for your brand or business, share it in

Share Old Posts To Get New Traffic

One difficulty I hear about all the time is creative people complaining that they don’t have enough time to be creative AND share their creativity. In other words, they either

Mention Others To Get More Traffic

Looking for a quick down and dirty way to get more traffic? Then mention others in your blog post or status update to get more viewers! A good example of

Don’t Be Seduced By The Numbers!

Editor’s Note: Photofocus is proud to welcome Rod Harlan to our team of authors. Rod will primarily focus his efforts on helping visual creatives find more success. I was conducting

Photo of the Day: LA Dash

Category: Architecture Photograph: LA Dash, by Bobby Gibbons Originally shared on the Photofocus Flickr community. To learn how your work can be featured on the site, please read this article.

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