Videos slideshows are a powerful way to show pictures, and I think Instagram offers a unique opportunity. The thing is, my clients love to watch a slideshow of themselves, but few other people are willing to watch a long slideshow these days. Instagram has a 15 seconds limit on slideshows, though, and that’s just about perfect–I don’t know about you, but I watch almost every video that comes through my feed ’cause it’s only 15 seconds.

So, let’s use Instagram to make a short impactful slideshow that acts as a preview to a longer presentation and also satiates the desire to see pictures quickly. A good thing about this is that the music I licensed from is for a project, so I can use the song on this preview as well as the main slideshow I’ll make later since they are part of the same project and I won’t have to license the song again.


Before you publish the video on Instagram, be sure to push the button to include it on Facebook and Twitter. Unfortunately, Nicole S. Young’s incredible Insta-Twitter cheat doesn’t appear to work on videos, but you should definitely set it up for all your other Instagram posts.

Head over to my Instagram and see the final slideshow.