Apple just released its long-awaited Photos app to the public (a beta was available recently that people could sign up for).  You can get the application by simply updating your copy of your OS to OS 10.10.3 (use the Apple menu and choose App Store).  You can also find the update here. What’s Available Apple […]

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Your memory card can be the most important piece of gear on a shoot. It stores the one thing that can get you paid…but what do you do if it becomes corrupt? I’ve had a bunch of memory devices become corrupt; a brand-new CF card while shooting HDR and portraits on Zuma Beach in California, a trusty SD card in my main camera while shooting video interviews for Under Armour, and even an AJA hard drive while recording my multi-camera sports production for ESPN.

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I’ve got a free webinar this Friday that you might find helpful.  I’m going to cover strategies that work with Apple and Adobe video tools on how to improve the look of video.  This is a free event that you can watch live or check out the archive after. Friday, March 20th at 12pm EST […]

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Apple just announced the availability of its new photo application, Apple Photos.  While its not shipping yet, there is a public beta program available.  Apple also released more details about the application. Migration from Aperture Aperture libraries can be moved to Photos for OS X. This includes photographs, their adjustments, keywords and albums. The Aperture library […]

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You have rebuilt your photo archive. Now, you have a collection of hard drives, USB drives and CF/SD card that need to be addressed. To start, decide which drives stay and which should go. Here are a few things to consider:

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Finally, it is time to bring everything into Lightroom. Before starting, you have a couple of decisions to make. Review the following information and decide where you want your Lightroom assets to live and how you want Lightroom to manage those assets.

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Thanks for all the great questions you’ve been sending in to the Photofocus podcast.  This week we’re joined by guru and Photofocus contributor Nicole S. Young (nicolesy).  Rich and Nicole tackle some great topics to help photographers.

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