I’ve had several instances where friends and family send me photos (and vise versa). I look at them, and then kind of forget about them. But a few weeks or months down the road, I might need to reference them. The problem? They’re impossible to find! There’s a plethora of scrolling my Messages to try and find them.

Enter Shared with You, a new feature coming to iOS 15 that lets you easily find these photos through a dedicated area under For You, in the Photos app.

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Easily find and save photos

Shared with You makes it easy to find the photos that your friends sent you via the Messages app. It allows you to quickly find photos, and then save them to your camera roll if you wish.

Simply open up a photo or series of photos and click the save icon. That’s it.

The great thing about Shared with You is it ignores things like animated GIFs and memes, meaning you don’t have a bunch of unwanted imagery in the Shared with You section. My friends will probably appreciate this, as I’m known to send way too many animated GIFs to them. On a daily basis.

Pick up the conversation

You can also pick up the conversation where the photo was originally sent. Just click on a photo, and then click the “From” button at the top. It’ll take you right to the part of your Messages conversation where the photo was sent, meaning you can view the pictures in context.

iOS has always had some great sharing technology. Shared with You is a great example of this, letting you quickly locate photos (and videos) in the Photos app. It also works with several other Apple native apps as well, like Apple News, Apple Music and Apple TV.