If you are a Mac user, the latest macOS Catalina is now available. Read this post before upgrading your computer. There are issues with Photoshop and Lightroom CC and Classic.

Best practices

There are two. Adobe recommends that users test these 3 applications on a separate partition that is not involved with actual production. The other is to simply wait to upgrade until the issues are resolved.


  • Legacy stand-alone versions of Photoshop will not work at all. This is due to the use of 32-bit code. macOS Catalina is exclusively running in 64-bit.
  • File naming options do not work correctly in File > Save as…
    • changing the file format does not change the extension.
    • workaround by manually changing it in the Finder or Bridge
    • Photoshop will not open a file that does not have the correct extension (.psd, .tif, .jpg, etc.)
  • Checking Save as a copy does not add copy to the title. Again, this has to be added manually.
  • Plug-ins not found or cannot be verified
    • Plug-ins that are quarantined return a Photoshop error “the file was not found” or an OS error that says the plug-in “can’t be opened because it’s integrity cannot be verified.”
  • Droplets created with older versions won’t work.
    • Older versions of Photoshop made 32-bit droplets which won’t run in Catalina’s 64-bit space.
    • workaround by updating to Photoshop version 20.0.6 then open the droplets in Photoshop. Older droplets are converted to 64-bit.
  • ExtendScript Toolkit does not run
  • Lens Profile Creator does not run
    • 32-bit is the reason
    • Adobe is investigating an update to 64-bit.

Lightroom CC

  • Lightroom 2.4.1 and later is compatible with macOS Catalina
  • Older versions are not supported on the new macOS
  • Error:/[volume name] is disconnected. Please reconnect to continue syncing
    • Launching Lightroom 2.2 and earlier in MacOS Catalina produces a red banner stating: “/[volume name] is disconnected. Please reconnect to continue syncing.”
    • Resolve this issue by upgrading to version 2.4
  • Lens Profile Creator does not run
    • 32-bit is why. See above

Lightroom Classic

  • Version 8.4.1 runs with some issues
    • Tether does not detect Nikon cameras when the camera is on after the user chooses “Start Tether Capture…”
    • Workaround: Turn the camera on before choosing File > Tethered Capture > Start Tether Capture
    • Adobe is working with Nikon for a fix.
  • Lens Profile Creator (still) doesn’t run.

For more on these issues and in-depth workarounds check these links:

Photoshop, Lightroom CC & Lightroom Classic

Fixes are coming

To get fixes as Adobe releases them, launch the Creative Cloud app and choose automatic updates. In the meantime postpone upgrading to the MacOS.