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Look Up Tables (LUT) can change and even correct colors.

Creating LUTs in Photoshop

LUTs are Look Up Tables. They are really easy to create in Photoshop for use in other programs like Premiere Pro for motion and Luminar 2018 for still photographs. This

Shortcut Adds Premiere Pro CC Markers

There’s a great shortcut in Premiere Pro CC that allows you to add and edit a Marker more quickly. Use this anytime you want to add a series of photos to your timeline.

Aperture Fades Away

Why I Am (Finally) Migrating to Lightroom

Last July, Apple announced that development on Aperture would cease. Last October, Adobe announced an Aperture Import Plugin for Lightroom. Both announcements garnered groans from me. The writing was on the wall. It was time for me to finally become an Adobe switcher.