Triggertrap just released Version 4.1 of their already-amazing iOS app. Their developers re-wrote the core of the app to bring some pretty cool new features. For those that don’t know, Triggertrap is a camera remote control solution that uses your smartphone to trigger your camera. The app can use things like the face detection sensor, motion sensors, internal cocks, GPS, sound and vibration sensors to trigger a camera.

Whether you want to capture an epic timelapse movie, a dramatic long exposure shot or dive into explosive high-speed photography, Triggertrap Mobile is the perfect remote triggering solution – and since youve usually got your iPhone, iPad or Android device by your side, its always ready to go when you are! Triggertrap

Night Mode

Version 4.1 introduces a night mode for dark sky shooting and nighttime timelapes. With the flick of a switch, you can change the colors of the app so its less obtrusive and doesn’t ruin your image, or somebody elses image if theyre shooting near you.

Timed Release Mode

Timed Release mode holds your shutter open for a set duration and has been upgraded with an ND Filter calculator. In previous versions, the ND Calculator was on a separate page and you had to switch between the calculator and timed release pages when trying out different exposures. Rather than having a separate page for the ND calculator, now its baked right in to the Timed Release mode. Simply tell Triggertrap how many stops your filter is and what the shutter speed is for a proper exposure, and the app will calculate how long your new exposure should be.

Smart Watches

If youve got an Apple Watch or a Pebble smartwatch, you can use it to trigger your camera to get the perfect shot without touching the camera or cable. This will work in every mode except the Press and Hold mode, and the Quick Release mode.

Open from Search

Lastly, iOS 9 users can use Apples Spotlight search to open features from the app. Say you want to go into Quick Release modesimple swipe down or left on your iPhone to open Spotlight and type Quick Release. A shortcut to open Quick Release directly in the Triggertrap app will appear.

Many of the Photofocus authors, including myself, love using Triggertrap for remotely triggering our cameras. I should note that in order to use the Triggertrap app, you will need a Triggertrap connection kit to connect your camera to your cell phone, which costs about $35-40.

If you want to learn more about Triggertrap, Rich Harrington has two courses about controlling the camera when taking time lapses here and for shooting HDR images here. Or visit Triggertrap directly at

Download Triggertrap Version 4.1 for iOS from the App Store here.