As photographers, naturally we probably take more pictures then the general public with our smart phone for even everyday events. I doubt there’s been a day I have not taken some picture about a life event whether minor or major in …well I have no idea how long. I’ve been itching to figure out a good way to back up my memories. In way, it’s a modern day journal of life. My phone keeps tracks of my kids, my home life, my relationships, and the world around me.

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How can I store, save, organize my life of photos and videos? After asking this question, my boyfriend told me about. PhotoSync And yes that sounds like I just did a cheesy promotion holding my phone. Actually, I’m in no way paid or compensated in any way with PhotoSync. This app solved an issue because I wanted an easy way to preserve my life memories.

It was the perfect answer to my nagging worry of wanting to organize and back up my photos. I set up the app so whenever I get onto my home wifi, the app uploads my photos automatically to a private gallery on my SmugMug account. I personally set the settings to do it without even notifying me.

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I can then go into my SmugMug account and organize my photos by date. That way I have a way to look back and have a safe keeping on my life journal. Having this program also inspires me to actually shoot more about my life with my phone. Some day I hope to look back with my kids and grandkids and enjoy.

You of course do not need a SmugMug account. PhotoSync will do transfer photos & videos to your favorite cloud or photo service like Dropbox, Flickr, Google+ / Picasa, Facebook, our partner Zenfolio, Box, 500px OneDrive, Google Drive & SugarSync. You can also back it up to your computer as well. So many features to customize what will work best for you and preserving your photos.

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The more I learn about this powerful app the more excited I am to dive in and use other features. For example, you can even import photos & videos directly from your camera that is equipped with a supported wireless SD Card.

This is one of several apps on the market making life easier to do more with our smart phones. This particular one is what I use. Find what works best for you and your workflow. Preserve your memories.

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