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Being a community and corporate event photographer, I often have to deliver photos in a hurry. I offer a “top 10” photo batch for my clients within two hours of the end of the photoshoot, which means I have to run home, offload my photos to Lightroom, cull through the photos and edit 10 of them.


While I usually manage to make the two-hour promise, it’s not without some anxiety on my behalf.

Recently, I discovered Photolemur 3 — a tool that lets photographers quickly make adjustments to their photographs on-the-fly. It’s super quick, allowing me to process photos in a matter of minutes.

My Photolemur workflow

Instead of dragging my SD card home and offloading my images, when a client is in a hurry to get some images for social media, I can bring my laptop to the event with me. Once the event concludes, I pull out my laptop and go through the images in Finder (or Windows Explorer) to pick out a “top 10” batch of images. I copy these photos to my hard drive, and then open them in Photolemur.

Out of the box, Photolemur evaluates things like white balance, contrast, lens distortion, exposure, faces, shadows, etc. to make a more appealing image. It’s like the old “Enhance” tool in iPhoto — but with much more pleasing results.

Photolemur comes with a variety of styles, similar to presets, that you can quickly apply to your images. You can control the overall adjustment of your image by using the slider at the bottom right of your image, which increases or decreases the adjustment’s opacity.

Once you’re pleased with the outcome of your image, you can export to your computer or share on a number of online platforms.

Photolemur export options

Working with multiple images

If you have a batch of images that will require the same edits, it’s easy to open multiple images in Photolemur, too. Doing so applies the basic edits to all of the images you’ve opened. You can click through and edit them further as well.

Multiple Images in Photolemur

And here’s the cool thing. If you open one of the images in the batch to edit it further, making the edit to that image won’t make that edit to all the images in the batch. This is great for when you want to make one image black and white, and keep the rest in color.

Editing multiple images in Photolemur

It works with Lightroom and Photoshop, too

While Photolemur works as a stand-alone program, it’s also meant to be used as a plug-in for both Lightroom Classic CC and Photoshop CC, making it easy to take photos you’ve already imported to your Lightroom catalog over to Photolemur for some quick edits.

For event photographers, being quick is key. Because it’s a super lightweight application, Photolemur is very fast, meaning you can be done with your “top 10” or “first look” in a matter of minutes.

Photolemur retails for $55.00 but it’s on sale now for $35.00. Check it out today!