Luminar 2018’s masking feature allows you to selectively paint with a brush to control where a filter’s results are shown or hidden. There are two types of masking brushes, Filter and Layer Brushes. Here’s the difference between these two brushes and when to use them in your editing workflow.

Layer Brush

A Layer Brush applies a mask on all filters that are added to the layer. Use this brush when you want to selectively show or hide the combination of all filters on the layer. This saves time by not having to mask all filters individually.

Filter Brush

A  Filter Brush applies a mask only to the filter. This brush is used when you want to selectively show or hide just that filter effect. This is a great feature especially when you apply a layer filled with several filters but you only want to slightly change part of a certain filter without affecting the others.

Watch this video for a step by step guide to using the Layer and Filter Brushes.

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