My buddy Arnold — a real estate photographer — wants to replace clouds in his images using AI Sky Replacement using the upcoming version of Luminar 4, which is scheduled to released in the fall. I was able to show him the beta version of Luminar 4 and how fast it can replace skies. Since he uses Aurora HDR to process his real estate images, he wanted a workflow to use Aurora and Luminar together.  The tutorial shows how to process an HDR image in Aurora then use Luminar’s intelligent filters, smart presets and some of its specialty tools to edit the image.

This should tie him over until the release of Luminar 4.

Let’s review. We use Aurora HDR when we need to create an HDR image from several bracketed images and we use Luminar to remove distractions with the Erase tool and added a Dramatic Look. Aurora HDR is a simple and fast High Dynamic Range (HDR) photo editing software that contains every imaginable tool needed to produce high-quality “next-generation” dramatic images. Luminar is a full-featured photo editor with fast RAW support that includes layers, custom brush, selective editing, intelligent filters and smart presets.