This morning, Adobe announced updates to Photoshop for desktop and on the iPad. The desktop version features updates to the software’s Sky Replacement technology along with a few other small improvements. Over on the iPad, Photoshop sees the addition of the Healing Brush and Magic Wand tools.

Additionally, Adobe announced a new Photoshop beta program, for those wanting to try out new features and offer feedback.

Be sure to check out Adobe Live on Aug. 18 and 19, from 12:30-2:30 p.m. ET, where Anna McNaught and Jesús Ramirez will show you all the new Photoshop features.

Photoshop for iPad

Healing Brush

Photoshop for iPad now includes the Healing Brush tool, offering the same capabilities as Photoshop for desktop. Using an Apple Pencil, you can correct imperfections by painting with sampled pixels from the image or pattern.

Texture, lighting, transparency and shading are matched seamlessly, and new pixels blend into the rest of the image. You can also choose from a variety of settings and controls, including diffusion, blend modes and brush angle.

Magic Wand

Utilizing Adobe Sensei, the Magic Wand tool comes to the iPad, used to quickly extract objects from a flat background, select an irregularly shaped area or select a distinctly colored element.

With the Magic Wand, you can select areas of your images based on tone and color, easily adjust for tolerance and many other characteristics.

Canvas Projection

Share your canvas or collaborate live with others on a larger screen, by connecting your iPad to any larger monitor. This will project your canvas onto that display, fullscreen and without the Photoshop UI, so you can show your document as you edit live.

Photoshop for desktop

Sky Replacement enhancements

Sky Replacement now has several new skies to choose from, and comes with the ability to import up to 5,000 skies at once. The Get New Skies option lets you download groups of professional, high-quality sky presets.

Transform Warp Bezier Handles

The Bezier handle for the Transform Warp tool lets you take command and adjust edges and Split Warp points. This lets you create previously-impossible transformations for pending images onto things like bottles, boxes and other surfaces.

Additional improvements

Photoshop for desktop also included several small improvements, including:

  • Canvas movement smoother when zoomed in at maximum levels
  • Puppet warp mesh visualization improvements
  • Smoother handling of jitter opacity when painting
  • Error for scratch disk provides link to troubleshooting

There are also several improvements to Photoshop’s Neural Filters:

  • Preset images now included for Style Transfer, to provide a starting point
  • Use any custom image and apply the style of that image to your document
  • Superzoom now operates on the entire layer instead of only a cropped portion of the image

New Discover panel

The new Discover panel lets you find content that is relevant to the work you’re doing, right inside of the app. Search for tools, menu items, workflows and more, and you’ll get hands-on tutorials that guide you through workflows to learn new skills.

There’s also a growing collection of quick actions, which perform transformations for you, like removing or blurring a background in an image with a single click.

New Photoshop beta program

Interested users can sign up for Photoshop Beta, launching this month, for a way to experience new features and provide feedback to Adobe. To get Photoshop Beta, Creative Cloud members can install it from the Beta section of the Creative Cloud desktop app.