When it comes to delivering photos fast, nothing’s greater than automating part of the process. But how do you attain quickness through such an intensive program like Adobe Photoshop?

With a free month’s Viewbug subscription exclusive to Photofocus readers, you can check out classes like “Up and Running with Automation,” with Richard Harrington. In this class, Rich will show how to perform routine tasks in Photoshop and Bridge, faster. Recover time for more creative work and speed up your Photoshop workflow by automating Photoshop using actions and batch processing. Rich covers everyday batch-processing tasks, such as cropping and straightening a catalog of images to predefined dimensions, batch renaming files, and exporting creative assets like contact sheets and web galleries.

With Viewbug, not only do you get access to some great classes that will help you advance your photography, but you’ll also be able to interact with other photographers, enter contests and more! After your free month, you pay just $6.92 per month to continue. Sign up today!

Lead photo by João Silas on Unsplash