Capture One has released the latest version of its application suite — Capture One 21. Building upon last year’s major update, Capture One 21 adds several new features intended to speed up and optimize a photographer’s workflow.

Included is a new Speed Edit feature, letting photographers work seamlessly without having to adjust a slider. Hold down the selected hotkeys and scroll, drag or use arrow keys to make rapid edits. This even works with multiple photos at once, making for a fast batch edit.

“Capture One 21 bridges our heritage to the future, carrying forward the achievements of our team and the creative community we are inspired by,” said Jan Hyldebrandt-Larsen, VP Product Management, CPO at Capture One. “We understand that art and tastes don’t stop evolving, so we provide performance that won’t stop advancing. We are very excited about Capture One 21 and look forward to seeing what photographers create with it, and to embrace new generations of creatives.”

The application also introduces new ProStandard Color Profiles, with the ability to preserve authentic colors and overcome the challenge of unwanted hue changes while making adjustments.

Additional new features


Eliminate haze and undesirable atmospheric conditions with a single slider. Dehaze uses analytic algorithms to assess and automatically adjust contrast, saturation and a matrix of other parameters to remove haze.

Faster asset management

With increased power and speed, Capture One 21 is faster than ever to import, search and browse photos in Catalogs and Sessions.

Improved importer

Better selection, high-resolution thumbnails and a faster importing process. Plus, you can now import images from different folders at the same time.

Enhanced tooltips

New tooltips let you navigate the Capture One interface with ease. Just hover over a tool for a quick explanation of how it works, as well as links to learn more. These can be enabled or disabled in the application’s preferences.


Combined with the enhanced tooltips, a new Learn button lets users quickly access a curated selection of tutorials designed to help you learn step-by-step from within the software.

HEIC support

Capture One 21 adds support for 8-bit HEIC files.

Easy brush adjusting

You can now change the size, hardness, opacity and flow of any brush by using modifier keys and a mouse, trackpad or pen, removing the need to right-click.

Leica support

Capture One has added camera profiles for Leica cameras, helping to fine-tune color, sharpness and noise. Tethering capabilities have also been added for Leica cameras, beginning with the Leica SL2 and S3 models.

New camera and lens support

Capture One 21 now offers RAW support for more than 500 cameras, as well as profiles and image correction support for more than 500 lenses.

Pricing and availability

Capture One Pro 21 is available for $299 as a perpetual license, or for $159 as an upgrade. Subscriptions start at $20 per month.

Capture One 21 for Nikon, Sony and Fujifilm is available for $129 as a perpetual license, or $109 as an upgrade. Subscriptions start at $9.99 per month.

To learn more or download a free trial, visit Capture One’s website.