In this article, I’m going to show you how I use Lutify LUTs in Capture One Pro 11 (CO 11). These LUTs will work in any software that supports LUTs like Affinity Photo, Luminar 2018, Photoshop, and Lightroom. The package you choose will determine whether it supports the RAW image for that product. Also, I contacted Lutify directly and was provided a free version of these LUTs for this review. As always, I will give you my honest review of the product.

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Free LUTs from Lutify to try out here.
You’ll find the Capture One Page for Lutify LUTs here.
You’ll find the Lutify Homepage here.

You’ll find a trial version of Capture One Pro 11 here.
Here is how you install Lutify LUTs in CO 11 on the mac here.
Here is how you install Lutify LUTs in CO 11 on windows here.
Here is how you apply Lutify LUTs in CO 11 here.

Now I have a lot of LUTs for my photography and video work and the thought of buying more didn’t cross my mind until I came across these Lutify LUTs. I downloaded the free package and after exploring them, I decided to contact Lutfiy to do a review of them.

Why? Because I really like how they look in my work. They give me the ability to quickly add a look and feel and then I am able to use that as a starting point tweaking the final result to taste. I do most of my work in Capture One Pro 11 and while I really enjoy the Phase One Style Packs, there is something special about the Lutify LUTs, that the style packs just don’t have for me, and I can combine them with the Style Packs.

How Lutify applies LUTs

Now Capture One Pro 11 doesn’t support LUTs directly, so Lutify has come up with a way that you can use their LUTs in Capture One Pro 11. What that looks like is rather than being applied as style in a layer, they replace the ICC Profile


Applying the LUTs is similar to applying Style Packs, except that rather than applying the background of the image or to a layer, they are applied as an ICC Profile, replacing whatever profile is being used, such as DNG RAW, in my case.

Applying Lutify LUTs

You apply the LUTs by selecting a photograph and going to User Styles section. You preview them by putting your cursor over each LUT and the look is displayed on the photograph you selected. Once you find one you like, you can click on it to apply it or right click on it to remove it. You will also notice (see screenshot above) that there are different percentages of the LUTs available. Since they are not able to be applied as layers in Capture One, where you can dial in any amount from 0 to 100%, Lutify came up with percentages (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%) as a way to apply a less intense versions of the LUTs to a photograph. This is where I would like more variation. I would prefer to be able to apply in 10% increments and yet I understand that this would create a lot more LUTs to have to deal with.
(Editor’s note: LUTs in Luminar can be added as a layer and are variable from 0 to 100%.)

Apply Lutify LUT to photograph

How I use them

Much of my photographic work is drone aerial panoramas consisting of from 2-5 photographs that I stitch together. The output from the DJI Inspire 2 X5S camera is DNG RAW and there is currently no camera profile for the DJI X5S, so I have to do all my editing and color grading from scratch. With Lutify LUTs, I can use them as my profile and as a starting point that I do a basic correction and the color grade. Once I have completed that, I send all the photographs to Auto Pano Pro as 16-bit tiff files, stitching them together and exporting the result as a 16-bit tiff. I then import that back into CO 11 to create the final look and feel. I find that Lutify LUTs have really added to my creativity and ability to get the look I want in the final result and much faster than doing it all by hand. The other thing I like is that there is a large selection without being overwhelming.

A note on using them – I find that even with versions at 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%, I will often reduce the levels of saturation and play with the Levels tool to get the look I want and make the colors look more natural.

Some examples

Here are examples of a number of different LUTs applied to the same image.

Original DNG RAW Photograph corrected and color graded, but with no LUT applied


Same photograph with the LUTIFY LM-RAW-CL-Canes-25 LUT applied

Same photograph with the LM-RAW-MIL-Blade Runner 2049-25 LUT applied


Same photograph with the LM-RAW-AP-Alamak-50 LUT applied


Same photograph with the LM-RAW-CCF-Hydrobius-50 LUT applied


Same photograph with the LM-RAW-MIL-Sicario-1-25 LUT applied


Same photograph with the LM-RAW-BW-Baten-25 LUT applied

In this panorama, I used the LM-RAW-CL-Chiarra-25 LUT

What packages are available?

There are 3 different packages available – the Professional, Standard 3D LUTs, and Basic 3D LUTs. These are a subscription product, but you are not required to sign-up for the yearly renewal. The yearly renewal is $19.90 for continued support and updates. You can opt out of the yearly renewal when you purchase the pack. Note that If you want to use these with Capture One Pro or Lightroom, you will need to purchase the Professional package (see below).

From their website about subscriptions – Your subscription can be canceled at any time after purchase. Once canceled, your license will not renew automatically and will expire on the expiration date. Once expired, you will no longer receive updates for the 3D LUTs in your package or have access to support. You may manually renew your license at any time to reactivate your subscription.

The Professional package – this is the only package that supports Capture One Pro

  • 213 Cinematic Quality 3D LUTs
  • Support for Capture One Pro RAW,  Lightroom RAW, ON1 Photo RAW, RED IPP2
  • Price – $59
  • Yearly subscription is $19.90
  • Find it here

Standard 3D LUTs package

  • 65 Cinematic Quality 3D LUTs
  • Does not support Capture One Pro RAW,  Lightroom RAW
  • Price – $39
  • Yearly subscription is $19.90 (optional)
  • Find it here

Basic 3D LUT package

  • 35 Cinematic Quality 3D LUTs
  • Does not support Capture One Pro RAW,  Lightroom RAW
  • Price – $29
  • Yearly subscription is $19.90 (optional)
  • Find it here

Supportive and helpful

My contact at Lutify was Goran. He was very helpful and supportive. They really want you to get good results from using their product.

Closing thoughts

What I like

  • How they look in my work
  • How easy they are to use
  • The large number of LUTs for different looks
  • Relatively inexpensive for what they offer

What I’d like to see improved

  • Finer increments than 25% for Capture One users
  • Ability to work with Layers in Capture One

For me, the bottom line is how do they look and do they enhance my workflow and final results. They do this for me. I find myself using them in different ways on many of my photographs and videos. Because of that, I will continue to use them in my work. The only downside is that if you want to use them with Capture One Pro or Lightroom, you have to purchase the Professional package.

Fly safe and have fun!