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I often find myself batch editing a lot of my work. As an event photographer, I promise a 48-hour turnaround on photos, which means the pressure is on. Anything I can do to ease that burden will help me get ahead!

Take this photoshoot I recently did for a local college’s football game. I shot the entire first half and ended up with 853 photos of the game, crowd, band, cheerleaders and more.

Going through each of these photos would be tedious and would take a lot of time, further delaying the delivery of the photos to my client. With Luminar 3, it’s super easy to work within the library to copy adjustments I’ve already made.

After I complete the culling process, I start off editing one photograph I’ve chosen to deliver to my client. I use the Professional workspace, allowing me to use the RAW Develop filter and several others that will make my images pop. I don’t worry about image-specific edits like cropping or leveling, because I know those won’t be a global change I’ll want to make to all the photos.

Method one: Copy and paste adjustments

For whatever reason, using copy and paste is my preferred way of syncing the adjustments I’ve made to other photos. I find it fast, as I can use keyboard shortcuts that are familiar in any other program on my Mac.

Once I’m satisfied with my edit, I go back to the Library view and right-click on the image I’ve just edited. I go to Adjustments, Copy Adjustments, or click Command C on my keyboard (Ctrl C on Windows). Then I select the photos I want to apply the adjustments to, and right click on those, going down to Adjustments, Paste Adjustments (or Command V / Ctrl V). The adjustments are instantly applied to all the images I’ve selected.

Method two: Sync adjustments

If you come from Lightroom, you’ll undoubtedly be familiar with syncing the adjustments you’ve made across multiple photographs. In Luminar 3, it works similarly.

In the Library view, click on the image you’ve just completed making the edits to. Then use the Command or Shift keys (or Ctrl on Windows) to select your images. Your first image will have an orange border around it — signifying this as the image you’re syncing adjustments from — while the other images will have a white border.

Then right-click on the images, go down to Adjustments and click Sync Adjustments. From there, you’ll see the edits you made to the first image get applied to all the other images you’ve selected.

Applying further edits

If you notice that you’re making the same additional edits to the photos you go through, simply repeat the process and it’ll bring over all the new adjustments.

Regardless, having a good base of edits you can go from will allow you to more quickly process your photographs, resulting in a speedy delivery time for your client.