I normally ask female subjects to wear lip gloss or lipstick before we begin our photo session. This makes their lips look silky smooth. Most of the time they listen, but other times they forget. For the forgetful moments, here’s how we can use Luminar to get great looking red lips.

Step 1: Quickly Develop the image overall.

Using a combination of Essential tools, I like to develop the image first. Once I have a good looking image, I move to the Portrait tools. I take this approach first, knowing that removing some redness in the subject’s face with the Color tool also removes some redness in the lips. That’s OK — we will restore that with AI Portrait Enhancer.

Step 2: AI Skin Enhancer tool

AI Skin Enhancer makes removing blemishes, shine and smoothing skin very easy. Adjust the sliders until the skin looks smooth but still retained texture.

Step 3: AI Portrait Enhancer tool

AI Portrait Enhancer makes face, eyes and mouth picture-perfect. Twelve tools give you absolute precision and control. Let’s make a few adjustments, leaving the lips for last.

Step 4: Great looking red lips

By saving the lips for last, we can ensure we don’t over-edit the lips drawing attention to them. We want them to blend in with the other edits we made.

Adjust the three lip settings:

  • Saturation: Enhances the amount of color in the lips.
  • Redness: Increases the redness of lips.
  • Darkening: Lowers the luminosity of the lips.

In less than a few minutes, we used a combination of Essential and Portrait tools to quickly develop an image with great looking red lips.

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